Lab Safety Contract

Headway School, Edmonton

Student Safe Laboratory Behaviour Contract


Student’s Name                                                          Grade                      


I understand that accidents can be caused by being unprepared, careless or in a hurry. I will come to class prepared to be responsible, so that my safety and welfare as well as that of others is not jeopardised


I will :

  • Follow all written and oral instructions given by the teacher
  • Ask any question or state any concerns I have BEFORE beginning a laboratory procedure
  • Behave in a manner that will ensure the health and safety of myself and others in the laboratory or classroom at all times
  • Use protective devices for my eyes, face, hands, body and clothing during laboratory activities
  • Know the location and use first aid and fire extinguishing equipment
  • Not eat, drink, chew gum or apply cosmetics in the laboratory
  • Keep my work area clean and free of clutter during laboratory class


I will replace or pay the cost of replacement for ripped and carelessly used labcoats and broken labware.

I understand not following any of the safety guidelines will lead to exclusion from lab work and loss of lab related marks.

I have read the written science safety rules prepared by my teacher and agree to follow these and any other rules


Student Name                                                                                   Signature                            

Parent Name                                                                                     Signature                                                                                                                                                               

Health Survey


Please list any known allergies or health problems, such as asthma, epilepsy, heart condition that may affect participation in science activities.




Do you wear contact lenses ?       ¨  Yes            ¨ No


Students wearing contact lenses need to be identified in case of accidents that may require contact lens removal. All students will be required to wear safety goggles for certain activities, even if they wear contact lenses or prescription glasses.